6-8 / Middle School

Middle School Philosophy:

We believe that the fundamental purpose of our middle school is to ensure all students learn at high levels and our goal is to create inclusive learning environments that guarantee success by nurturing students’ interests and building on their individual assets.  We believe that what the adults in the school do and say has the most significant impact on ensuring high levels of learning for all students and all students deserve to feel cared for and supported within our Eleva-Strum middle school community.  We believe that a student’s emotional well-being is as important as their academic success so are purposeful in building supports that build on student’s strengths and support self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

We implement a guaranteed, viable and rigorous curriculum in a safe, inclusive space.  We are purposeful in our planning to remove barriers to learning and provide support that provides students with more time and scaffolding they need to ensure high levels of achievement. We purposefully integreta technology for all students to assist in personalizing their education and creating more interactive lessons. Our curriculum encourages students to think critically, creatively, collaboratively and develop their communication skills. Our middle school program is designed to build on our elementary program and support our high school program in fostering citizens that will be civically engaged and lead a healthy and well life with a fulfilling career.