Middle/High World Language

Students demonstrate cultural knowledge by creating projects that support their use of presentational Spanish language.

Interpersonal communication skills are being developed through simulations and discussions.

Students have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities in MS & HS Spanish Club, and to travel to Europe every other year when enrolled in the course Adventure in Spain & Portugal.

Courses With Unit Plans

  • Middle School Courses

  • High School Courses

    • Spanish I

    • Spanish II

    • Spanish III

    • Spanish IV

    • AP Spanish*

    • Adventures in Spain

    • Spanish Preliminary

* Key
AP = Advanced Placement
TC = Transcripted Credit
AS = Advanced Standing
8th = Class Available to 8th Grade Students

Department Philosophy

In an economy that is becoming ever more global, knowledge of a language in addition to English is becoming increasingly important.  The mission of our World Language Department at Eleva-Strum is to provide our students with communication skills in Spanish, and to foster an appreciation of other cultures. We also strive to broaden students’ knowledge of their own primary languages and cultures through ongoing and active reflection, and to assist students in making connections with other disciplines through the study of Spanish. It is our mission to provide students with the skills that prepare them for future learning situations, personal enrichment outside of the classroom, and for job opportunities in our increasingly competitive global community.