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Aaron Hulett
4th Grade Teacher
4-6 Staff
715-695-2696 x225
Aaron Roemhild
MS Science Teacher
715-695-2696 x327
Allie Gorman
4th Grade Teacher
715-695-2696 x226
Alyssa Elvaker
Social Worker
715-695-2696 x356
Alyssa Walker
Special Ed. Para
Amanda Pronschinske
Health/PE Teacher
PK-3 Staff
715-695-2696 x321
Angie Teigen
Elem. Administrative Assistant
715-695-2696 x201
Anna Otterson
Special Education Paraprofessional
Anna Leffel
MS Social Studies
715-695-2696 x326
Annette Forthun
1st Grade Teacher
PK-3 Staff
715-695-2696 x216
Ashleigh Seifert
4K Teacher
PK-3 Staff
715-695-2696 x212
Auggie Doggie
Professional Therapy Dog
Autumn Young
Spanish Teacher
4-6 Staff
715-695-2696 x333
Baard Card
Professional Therapy Dog
Becca Forseth
Special Ed. Teacher
MS Staff
715-695-2696 x334
Carie Thompson
Literacy Coach / Interventionist
715-695-2696 x112
Carolyn Johnson
MS English/Lang Arts Teacher
MS Staff
715-695-2696 x325
Cera Eberhardt
Agriculture Teacher
MS Staff
715-695-2696 x310
Cheryl Alf
Office Staff
715-695-2696 x102
Corissa Sands
Internal Substitute