Middle/High School Social Studies

Students Conducting a Mock Trial

Students Engaging In An Economic Simulation

National History Day

Courses With Unit Plans

* Key
AP = Advanced Placement
TC = Transcripted Credit
AS = Advanced Standing
8th = Class Available to 8th Grade Students

Department Philosophy

The Eleva-Strum Middle/High School Social Studies Department is dedicated to all students becoming knowledgeable critical thinkers in the areas of history, economics, geography, political science, and the behavioral sciences.  Our students will develop a strong knowledge of how people and events have shaped the world around them.  We work as a team to develop all students’ skills of inquiry, investigation, and evidence based conclusions to become better members of their community, nation, and world.

National History Day

National History Day (www.nhd.org)is a National organized event that brings students together from across the United States to engage in historical investigation.  Locally, this program has been embraced by the Eleva-Strum Social Studies department, and over the last 7 years students in 6th through 12th grade engage in research, writing and creation of a variety of presentations.  We are very proud to be an NHD school, and to host this virtual exhibition.

Please use this Link to view the 6th - 12th grade 2021 presentations.