What Do Pies Have to Do With Reading, You May Ask

WOW! Thank you Cardinal Football Players!!!  The month of March was spent reading, reading, reading by all of our Strum Primary Students and on each Friday morning some of our Cardinal Power came over to read to the classes as well,  knowing there was a treat at the end.  The players enjoyed putting huge smiles on on everyone's faces by having a pie thrown in their "face" by a lucky student chosen from the class they read to for the month.  

Also a huge thank you to Mr. Hanson for organizing his players for this month long event and for getting a taste of pie from a random draw from our readers.

Miss Suzie is our Reading Queen that spends time planning and encouraging our students to read throughout the month and year.  Thank you Miss Suzie!

And finally, if you happen to attend our Friday morning meetings just to see what is going on, you may end up being involved if you are someone that is willing to put a smile on nearly 220 students faces.  Thank you Chief Marsolek you're a great sport!  He was randomly chosen to get a pie in the face and when asked if he would, he said, "If the kids would like me to I will."  A huge thank you to him!!

Some pictures may be a little blurry but you will see how exciting it was.