National Schools Counselors Week

     The Eleva-Strum School District would like to recognize and thank our School Counselors Ms. Jensen and Ms. Haugen Kempf.  Their dedication, caring and willingness to support our students does not go unrecognized.  They provide a wealth of support throughout a student’s academic career. As a Counselor, they help students when they face adversity such as bullying, trouble at home, academic performance, and relationship issues. These ladies also listen to students’ interests and assess their skills and personality to help them decide their future academic and career goals.  Our School Counselors continually work with students independently, in small groups or in classrooms to help support their needs.

     The Eleva-Strum School District is lucky to have these two wonderful Counselors.  Thank you Ms. Jensen and Ms. Haugen Kempf your work is meaningful and heartfelt.

Your Eleva-Strum School Family