B.U.G.s Galore!

We Have B.U.Gs at the Strum Primary School:)

Could you get caught Being Unusually Good (aka the B.U.G award)? Each week at our Friday morning meeting we CELEBRATE one student from each class that is chosen from a classroom jar of earned B.U.G Awards for that week.  If chosen the students can choose a "no cost reward," such as eating lunch with the principal, having a hot chocolate party with Miss Sue or choosing a trinket from Mrs. Kempf's B.U.G Award Boxes.    

At the end of each month All of the B.U.Gs that are in the classroom jars are brought down to our Friday morning meeting and one student from each grade is chosen to win a B.U.G T-shirt.  By the time each student ends their third grade year at Strum Primary they will be the owner of a B.U.G T-shirt for their great efforts.

The photo above shows this months winners!   Three Cheers for Them!!