Wearing a Bicycle Helmet is a Safe Way to Travel

At the end of the school year last year Mrs. Jean Julson returned to the Eleva-Strum School District for her second year of promoting safe bicycle traveling by wearing helmets.  Over the summer our local police officers, school staff and others watched over our communities for students that were wearing their helmets.  If they were caught wearing one they may have been lucky enough to get stopped and given a certificate for a treat from Strum Hardware and to have their names put in for a drawing for a new bike or certificate.

On Friday, November 3 there were 12 lucky students that were chosen in front of their peers as winners for wearing their bike helmets.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Blade Runner Transport for donating 4 bicycles, Oium Blacktop for donating 2 bicycles,  United Bank for 2-$25 jr. savings accounts, Eleva Express Mart for 2- $10 gift cards and Grizzlys for 2-$10 gift cards.  All of these businesses are greatly appreciated.

The picture shows some of the lucky winners!
Bike Winners: Kendall, Shiloh, Cody, Olivia, Carin, Trevor
Savings Account Winners: Jake, Clara
Eleva Express Mart Winners: Ella, Calvin
Grizzly's Winners (not pictured): Madilyn, Maddy