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August 21, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

The School District Administrators, high school principals, and athletic directors for the member schools of the Dairyland Conference met once again to discuss the recent guidance from the WIAA and to find the best course of action for fall sports. The administrative team took into account the recent plans shared out by the WIAA as well as insights and ideas from local officials. After much discussion, the Dairyland Conference Administrators approved with a 9-1 (two abstentions) vote the adoption of the WIAA plans for fall sports with some specific clarifications and changes for spectators and the football season being updated since the July meeting for this group. These decisions are subject to change based on state and local guidelines and restrictions as well as possible decisions made by the Dairyland Conference administrators.


For the 2020-2021 season, spectators will be limited to four (4) per participant. Participants will receive four FREE non-transferrable passes to share. These spectators will be allowed admission only for the event their participant is competing in and will be asked not to stay for any other events taking place. All spectators and participants will be expected to wear face coverings indoors and at outdoor facilities when not properly social distancing from others. Events will be livestreamed by the host school and the list of those websites will be shared at a later date. 


There will be no concessions available for sale at Dairyland Conference events. 

Football – Update from the July 27 press release

The football season will be held in the fall with a first practice date of September 14, 2020. There will be a conference only schedule of one scrimmage on September 25 and six regular season games beginning on Friday, October 2. Depending on the status of tournament play, there may be additional games rescheduled after these six games, but not to interfere with the winter sports season as designated by the WIAA. Junior varsity will also be scheduled accordingly. 

Volleyball – No change from July 27 press release

The first practice for volleyball will be September 7. The September 10 game will be moved to September 12 and will be conducted as a scrimmage. The first scheduled game may be September 15. Multiple team events will not take place nor will any non-conference competition. Junior varsity and c-team games will also be scheduled accordingly. 

Cross Country – No change from the July 27 press release

The first practice for cross country will be August 17. All competitions will be against conference opponents. The first competition for cross country may be August 24. Athletic Directors and the Conference Commissioner will create a conference only schedule for the 2020 season. 

Conference Standings and Conference Championships – No change from the July 27 press release

The Dairyland Conference administrators voted unanimously to suspend conference standings and conference championships for fall sports for 2020. With so much uncertainty in the season ahead, the consensus was that the focus needs to be on opportunities to play whenever possible and not worry about how missed games will affect a team’s standing. 

When will a game get cancelled? When will an athlete or group of athletes need to sit out of a competition? 

The answer to these questions will be answered as the event dates are closer. These decisions will be made in conjunction between the administration of the competing teams and the local health departments for those schools. It is possible that one competition may see different restrictions or cancellation while other competitions still take place. 

Junior High/Middle School Sports – Update for football only.

Junior high/middle school sports will all start on September 8 with the exception of football now moving to September 14 for the start date. Competitions for this level may be allowed for nearby competitors instead of strictly conference opponents. 

Flexibility will be critical with the fall 2020 sports season. Situations may change from one week to the next and authorities will respond appropriately to ensure opportunities are available when it is safe to do so. 

The Dairyland Conference and your local health departments thank you in advance for your patience, support, and understanding as we do our best to make our way through these unprecedented times. 

If you have any further questions, please contact your local school district administration or Rich Roginski, Dairyland Conference Commissioner. 


Rich Roginski
Conference Commissioner, Dairyland Conference