Fire Safety

On Friday, October 20th, 2017 the School District of Eleva-Strum was fortunate to have the Strum-Unity Fire & Rescue department as well as the Eleva Fire Department on hand for two special events.

The morning kicked off at Strum Elementary for their annual Fire Safety demonstration. The departments brought in much of their equipment to show the students how it all works and what it is used for. The time was also used to show students what a firefighter looks like in their gear so that if they should ever need the services of the departments the students wouldn't be scared of what the firefighters look like when they come to help. In addition to the normal gear the departments have they were able to bring in the Chippewa Valley Fire Safety House. This modified trailer is used to simulate what a home would look like in the event of a fire. Students are given the opportunity to walk and crawl through the house to gain additional understanding of this type of situation.

In the afternoon the fire departments were again on hand to observe the new fire drill procedures that are being implemented at Central. These plans were developed in cooperation with both departments. After some practice on our own in the weeks prior the Departments responded as though it were a real situation today. They also observed the process and how the plan was being executed. Now that they have seen the process they have provided some additional suggestions that we will use to guide our process moving forward.

The School District of Eleva-Strum is very fortunate to have such high quality Fire & Rescue Departments in our communities and such selfless people making up their volunteer membership. Thank you to all of you who volunteer and to those who were able to take time away from their full-time duties today to spend some time helping to make our students safer.

Click this link to view some pictures from today.