Notice Of Recall Election


School District of Eleva-Strum

November 21, 2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to a Certificate of Sufficiency filed by the clerk of School District of Eleva-Strum, dated October 12, 2017, it is ordered that on November 21, 2017 a Recall Election is to be held in the School District of Eleva-Strum, at which the following officer is to be elected:

A School Board Member, to succeed Lois Havenor, against whom a recall petition has been filed pursuant to Article XIII, Section 12, of the Wisconsin Constitution and section 9.10 of the Wisconsin Statutes, for the remainder of the term which expires on April, 2019.  

NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that the earliest date for circulating nomination papers is October 12, 2017, and the deadline for filing nomination papers, a campaign registration statement and a declaration of candidacy for the Recall Election will be 5:00 p.m., on October 24, 2017, in the office of the School District of Eleva-Strum Clerk.  Note that the incumbent has resigned.

NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN THAT the Recall Primary, if necessary, will be held on November 21, 2017, and the Recall Election will be held on December 19, 2017.

Done in the Town of Albion

On October 12, 2017

Eleva-Strum School District

School Board Clerk

Jody Ausen