Bananas!  That's right we have bananas growing on our tree in our school.  Please share this with your children that go to school at Eleva-Strum Elementary, they all walked by this tree on a weekly basis.  The story behind tree started way back in the late 90's.  It was given to me by a student that was moving away, and she wanted me to have something to remember her by.  It was in a pot that I could hold in one hand and was about 4 inches high.  After 20 or more years and growing to about 5 feet tall, we now have mini bananas.  It's not the first time, we had some early last year, but they didn't survive.  I think with the new school comes a great deal of sunlight and warmth for the tree.  I wish everyone could see them.  Have a great summer, Mr. Kempf