The Eleva-Strum 5th and 6th graders have been given the opportunity to go camping for two days and one night at Pietrek Park near Arcadia.  Their teachers along with some very generous volunteers have put together a wonderful system of activities to educate them on everything from tye-dying shirts, macro photography, cooperative games, raising bees, bears oh-my, relaxation methods, gun safety, geocaching, fishing/survival, tree identification, fur trading, and bird homes.  This educational experience is an adventure and a tremendous learning event. Thank you to all involved: Mr. and Mrs. Franson (bee keeping), Mr. Nelson (gun safety), Mr. McConnell (geocaching), Mr. Semingson (tree identification), Mr. Prudlick (fur trading), Mrs. Olson (bird homes), and their teachers Mrs. Skoug, Mr. Roemhild, Mrs. Windjue, Mrs. Dean, Mr. Lerum, Mrs. Kempf, Mrs. McSorley, Mrs. Wagner, and Mrs. Barby.  A special thanks to our  wonderful cooks for putting together 4 meals for over one hundred students and adults.  It is greatly appreciated.  Enjoy some memories below.  Mr. Kempf 

Let's EAT!!

Let's Learn