R Factor

If you attended a football game in the past year or walked into Mr. Hanson's classroom, you have probably noticed the letters: E + R = O.  The letters represent a formula for success, Events + Responses = Outcome.

On Monday, March 4th, Mr. Hanson, members of his Football Coaching staff, student-athletes, and Track & Field Coach Nadine Rovang attended a clinic in Rib Lake, WI where Tim Kight was featured.  Those in attendance learned the value of focussing efforts, controlling responses, and shaping the outcome that you desire to achieve.

Those in attendance had opportunities to interact with Mr. Kight and his colleagues in open dialogue.  The coaches were pleased with the message delivered to our student-athletes and impressed by the conversations that came about as a result.

Parting thought from the evening..... "Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?  The thermometer reflects the environment, whereas the thermostat controls it".