Due to circumstances beyond our control, winter in Wisconsin, we have recently had to make some changes to our published school calendar that will affect student days and Parent-Teacher conferences.

First, rather than having an early release on February 28th and no school for students on March 1st, we will be running both days as regular student contact days.  We will be keeping the previously scheduled evening (4:00 pm – 7:30 pm) on Thursday, February 28th, as a Parent-Teacher Conference, but will have to reschedule the March 1st time.  Our second Parent-Teacher conference date is scheduled from 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm on Monday, March 4th.

At the Middle School/High School level, we will be conducting student-led conferences with your student’s homeroom teacher.  Your student will discuss what is going well, what they may be struggling with, and some of the goals they have for themselves moving forward. I understand this is a departure from the “norm,” but having students take responsibility for their learning and having the ability to advocate for themselves has been shown to increase intrinsic motivation and academic achievement.

We will be using signup.com to schedule appointments as we did in the fall, or you could contact your student’s homeroom teacher directly to schedule a time.  Some parents expressed concerns with this process and wanted to be able to contact individual teachers to discuss their student’s progress.  I have included all teachers’ sign-up information below so you may make arrangements with teachers other than your student’s homeroom teacher. I would ask that you please be aware that our teachers are scheduling between 16 and 24 meetings, and please be respectful of their, and other parents’ time.

Please click on the link to the right of the homeroom teacher to schedule your conference appointment.

Mr. Cegielski - http://signup.com/go/WjhwKko

Mrs. Christenson (Yates) – http://signup.com/go/aKwLmko

Mr. Dyar – http://signup.com/go/QSauovc

Mrs. Eberhardt – http://signup.com/go/BnkeBxS

Mrs. Galle – http://signup.com/go/WxtKUze

Mrs. Gullicksrud – http://signup.com/go/rUSvrRw

Mr. Hanson – http://signup.com/go/nNFtwLL

Mrs. Hopkins – http://signup.com/go/SKHJDxk

Mr. Janson – http://signup.com/go/JKUWhVP

Mrs. Johnson – http://signup.com/go/aikCufw

Mrs. Marsolek – http://signup.com/go/MNZWDiT

Mrs. Martinson – http://signup.com/go/nBPuwAy

Mrs. Miscera – http://signup.com/go/RfZgTPG

Mr. Pechman – 

Mrs. Peterson – http://signup.com/go/xVaAYHJ

Mrs. Pronschinske – http://signup.com/go/KLqgwJN

Mr. Roemhild – http://signup.com/go/oTwNoLM

Mr. Scaffidi – http://signup.com/go/AhVVyDj

Mrs. Skoug – http://signup.com/go/EYxMLEn

Ms. Steiger – 

Ms. Summers – http://signup.com/go/EYxMLEn

Mrs. Vierstraete – http://signup.com/go/HSkWyDu

Mr. Walter – http://signup.com/go/NcKDSQC 

 Mrs. Young-Janson – http://signup.com/go/qocUaff