Follow the Footprints of Our Children

   A chapter in the Eleva-Strum School District is about to be closed and a new one will begin.  The students and staff, thank the people of our district for making such a huge commitment to the betterment of the facilities for the elementary students.   With the closure of this chapter we will no longer be identified as the Strum Primary or the Eleva Intermediate Schools. WE will be united as the Eleva-Strum Elementary School.

     This closure is a time of excitement and sadness all rolled into one.  We have staff members that have not only been working in the Strum Primary School for their whole careers, but they had also attended elementary school here.  We also have staff members that have only worked in the Strum Primary School for 5 months, meaning that we have a wide range of connections to the place we have called home for many years.  The emotions are many but truly exciting.

     Our children have walked these halls and enjoyed many great events within the walls of the Strum Primary School, and now the time has come to close the doors and take that walk in the sand to our new school home, The Eleva-Strum Elementary School. Thank you to the students, staff and community for being so supportive and excited to make this journey.