Press Release


The Board of Education for the Eleva-Strum School District is pleased to announce that the District and Superintendent Kellie Manning have reached a settlement agreement. The settlement agreement provides for Ms. Manning’s immediate resignation from her position as the District’s superintendent.

The Board is very pleased to have reached a final agreement with Ms. Manning. We look forward to completing the transition in our District’s leadership team and to focusing on the opportunities that lie ahead. The Board is committed to working with its faculty, staff, and all of our constituents to move forward in a positive direction, and to strengthen the educational opportunities that our District provides for all of our children in the years ahead.

The settlement agreement is a matter of public record and will be available to requesters after certain notice requirements and procedures that are mandated by state law can be satisfied. Please direct any inquiries in this regard to the Board of Education’s President, Mr. Dan Wallery.

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