General Questions
  • Why hasn’t the Board approved the plans?
    • Additional staff and community feedback has been received and reviewed and Bray Architects will make any necessary revisions at the direction of the Board. Upon final pre-bid review by the School Board, the Board will provide plan approval.
  • Why hasn’t information been published for people in the district?
    • Information has been shared at monthly School Board meetings. Presentation boards of the latest design can be found at the front entry of both Strum Elementary and the High School. Information is also on the District website.
  • Has there been a community meeting to answer questions, etc.?
    • Community involvement is most important during the pre-referendum process in determining project goals. During the design process, it’s often the responsibility of school leadership to determine what best fits the school and community needs.
  • Who’s been involved in the planning process?
    • Select faculty, staff, and Board members have been involved throughout the process. This involved tours of multiple existing facilities and listening sessions to determine the overall schematic design. Later in the process, a Leadership Team was created to iron out the finer details of the design. The Leadership Team includes a smaller number of faculty, staff, and administration.
  • How close are we to the expected budget?
    • This will be better known after the bidding process. Based on previous pricing data, we expect to be close to the budget goal.
  • How was the $12M number generated?
    • The $12M budget for the Pre-K through 5 school and necessary repairs to Central is based on feedback from the community surveys, the School District’s financial advisors, the District’s needs, and the extent to which the community was willing to fund this project through a building/bonding referendum.
  • Do we have enough money to do what needs to be done?
    • The School Board has created a list of priority items to address with the available funds. The biggest item is the Elementary School addition. Other items include roof replacement, some new furniture and equipment, new playground equipment, 1950s gym air handler replacement, and other maintenance needs.
  • What are the hours of construction? How will construction during school be handled Where will the construction people park?
    • Work hours are to be between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm. Safety fencing will be provided around the construction site. Additional safety procedures will be in place to protect the public, staff, and students throughout the process. The current practice football field is expected to be the staging area.
  • What is the plan if the district grows? What is our current count for students? What is the count currently designed for?
    • The new elementary school addition is designed for approximately 378 students. Future growth was taken into account with the current design. The building’s design and location allows for future expansion, if necessary. Our current 4K-5 student count is 323.
  • At what point and how much involvement have the teachers had in the process?
    • During the earlier design process, teachers were present for tours of other new schools in the area. These schools had many different layouts and design strategies. Their feedback was taken into consideration when designing the new elementary school addition. Additional hearing sessions were hosted in August and November.
  • What is the rush to move the kids in January?
    • The goal is to move students into a new school as early as possible. Based on the schedule proposed by Bray Architects, January 2019 was a viable goal. The goal is also to avoid additional maintenance costs at the Strum and Eleva Elementary Schools. We are increasingly experiencing significant leakage from the roof at Strum, which is most evident during the spring thaw and heavy rain events.
  • What does the construction schedule look like? What exterior items are being planned for late in the year? 
    • The proposed construction schedule is from March 2018 through Dec 14, 2018. The selected general contractor will be responsible for maintaining this schedule.
  • One of the goals of the referendum was to “Improve staff and program efficiencies. Make it easier to share staff, increase staff time for students, and reduce duplication of resources.” Can we share how that is being accomplished?
    • Combining two schools into one is the first way to improve staff and program efficiencies. By sharing resources with the high school also improves these efficiencies. Some of the shared resources include the library, auditorium, kitchen, mechanical areas, and administrative areas. Beyond that, the use of shared collaboration spaces improve staff efficiencies.
  • Has there been fire lanes planned for access on all sides of the school?
    • This will be reviewed with the local fire department.
  • What’s the square footage comparison; total of Eleva & Strum vs. what’s being utilized by Grades 1-5 in the new plan?
    • It’s not feasible to break out the areas utilized by grades 1-5 given there are many shared areas including the gym/cafeteria, kitchen, restrooms, offices, corridors, etc.
      • Strum Elementary = ~38,000sf
      • Eleva Elementary = ~26,000sf
      • New Elementary School Addition = ~48,000sf
  • On average how many cars park in the parking lot at Central? How many on average are empty? How many will be added from Strum Elementary?
    • The current parking lot is underutilized during the school hour so there was no need to add too much additional parking. At this time, the plan is to provide 17 new parking stalls at the front of the new elementary school addition.
Classroom/academics questions
  • There appears to be some concern over the Special Education space allotment? How many kids, etc. are planned for this area? What is the comparison of this area compared to Strum, looks similar. Concerned that we’re adding two grades to this area.
    • Bray Architects has been directed to explore additional Special Education needs. The goal is to provide two Special Education classrooms for 12 students. In addition to the two classrooms, a Sensory/OT/PT room, ELL room, two Title rooms, Speech room, Guidance room, and Psychologist room are being provided to provide one-on-one or small group services.
  • What are the large open areas being utilized for? These are currently listed as collaboration areas; how will they be used? Is there an operation plan for these areas?
    • These areas are meant to be shared between multiple classrooms. These areas can be used by multiple classrooms at a time or be used as a breakout areas for small group instruction. These areas were noted as a priority by the School Board and staff after touring other local schools. Collaboration areas have become an important space in designing a school for our future generations. Staff and administration will need to explore a protocol for scheduling these areas.
  • I see there is a book storage area planned? Are we getting rid of an elementary school library?
    • The book storage room is to be used as a storage area for some of the children books. Any books in the existing elementary libraries would be stored in the existing High School Library.
Recess/outdoor area questions
  • Concerned about the kids exiting the building for recess onto a roadway area? How will this work?
    • There are 3 possible entrances to the play area. Children will exit onto a sidewalk that connects to the play area. In no instance will the students be expected to enter a roadway.
  • There is one bathroom on that end of the building; all kids will be hitting this for recess… how are recesses being staged so this isn’t overwhelmed?
    • A design change is being explored by Bray Architects. The school administration will also address this concern by staggering recess times.
  • What is the plan for the rest of the track/football field? Is this being demo’d… what’s the plan for this area?
    • Yes, the football field and track are being removed. The main irrigation pipe will remain for future tie-ins. Goal posts are being salvaged and turned over to the school for possible reuse. The remainder of the field could be used for children play area. It was also noted as being a possible practice field in the future.
  • Is the recess area being fenced in?
    • No
  • What is the schedule for the exterior work in the fall? Is the recess area going to be complete when the kids move in? What’s the rush to be in the building in January?
    • The intent would be to have the play areas completed for January 2019.
Traffic questions
  • Concerns about additional traffic in the HS Parking Lot; parents dropping kids off will be crossing the parking lot while other students walk into the high school. Are there any parking lot traffic changes being looked at?
    • The only work scheduled for the parking lot other than the 17 additional parking stalls is to extend the current parent drop-off loop to the front of the new elementary school addition. Bus traffic will be at the back side of the addition for additional student safety.
  • Hwy 10 is already a busy intersection; this will make it worse in the morning and afternoon. Have there been any discussions with the State about how to improve the intersection?
    • No, there have been no discussions with the WisDOT. Some of the possible congestion will be reduced by having staggered starting/ending times for the elementary and high schools.
  • Event Parking today overflows into the east parking lot; this will no longer be available at events such as sporting or auditorium events. What is the plan to appease this issue?
    • The school will look into addressing this concern.
Locker area questions
  • Concerned about visibility. Kids will mess with other lockers if the area is hidden.
    • Rows are oriented to minimize “hiding spots.” By locating all lockers in one area, staff will be better able to supervise students in the area. 
  • This is going to be a congested area at recess.
    • The goal was to maintain about 5 ½ feet between lockers rows to allow ample room for students.
  • Are kids going to the locker area between classes to get additional supplies given tables are being planned in the classrooms.
    • This policy will be reviewed by school administration. Not all classrooms will have tables, many of the classrooms will be using furniture from the current Strum Elementary.
gymnasium questions
  • How are lunches/Phy Ed classes being coordinated? Is there enough time allotted for everyone to eat and schedule Phy Ed?
    • The school will be scheduling lunch with ample cleanup time. Design decisions to speed up this process where taken into consideration. All cafeteria tables are stored in the wall for a quick conversion from a cafeteria to a gymnasium. An appropriate synthetic flooring was also selected for the dual purpose of the room.
  • Why wasn’t a separate commons area planned? Seems like dual use of the gym is a step back.
    • Based on the available funds, this was not a high priority. The need for better educational spaces was a higher priority.
  • During the referendum, the handout stated the gym would also be considered for community use; what ideas were brought up for the gymnasium in consideration for community use?
    • Placing the gymnasium near the front entrance was a priority for community use. Restrooms will be located for easy access as well. The ability to close off the two classroom wings was a security consideration as well. 
  • Is there a divider for the gym?
    • Yes
Football field questions
  • What’s the plan for the practice field?
    • The Leadership Team is exploring using the area south of the competition football field for football practice. Any work in that area is not part of the referendum. The Board, Administration, and athletic leadership and staff will be addressing this issue in the near future to provide for practice facilities for the 2018 football season.
  • Is there Water available at the new practice field?
    • Water is available at the concessions stand. The school will explore additional options to provide water at any new practice fields.
  • Any concerns/planning for the kids having access to the locker room?
    • The school will explore options for locker room access.
miscellaneous questions
  • Is there any opportunity for Cardinal Manufacturing to fabricate pieces? It was noted they’ve been building components (Railings) for other businesses.
    • Cardinal Manufacturing was suggested for the creation of a custom tray return at the cafeteria serving area and a custom dedication plaque. The school will work with the selected general contractor to determine additional technical education learning opportunities available by having a construction project on site. Bray Architects would not recommend Cardinal Manufacturing fabricate any structural building elements or elements that could cause a delay to the construction schedule.